About Us

Blue Heron Consulting is a 100% utility-focused CIS (customer information system) integrator with a fifteen year track record delivering on-time and on-budget implementations. We are proven to deliver projects, on average, for 15%-20% less than other system integrators because of our ability to leverage best practices, tools and templates collected since 1999, to successful project delivery.


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With an average tenure of eight years working for Blue Heron Consulting and fourteen serving utilities, our consultants are some of the brightest, most experienced and most creative in the industry. They have worked together for so long that they know how to assign the right person to the right task – the first time around – creating substantial cost and time savings for our clients. Since they have spent their careers working within the physical walls of North American utilities, they understand the unique needs of the industry better than anyone else. Click here to meet the team.


Blue Heron Consultants are experts in Oracle systems, most notably CC&B. They have worked with all legacy systems that utilities are using today, along with business intelligence (BI), work asset management (WAM) and mobility solutions for more than 30 clients including: Benton Public Utility District, Montana-Dakota Utilities, Philadelphia Water, Golden State Water, SASKEnergy and several others. Click here to learn more about our clients.

Re-use Practices

Blue Heron’s Solution Center includes a library of more than 1200 reusable requirements, algorithms and functions, business rules, architecture, source code, test cases, input data and scripts. Staffed by a very experienced team of onshore developers, coders and architects, our re-use practices lower implementation costs, ensure better quality, decrease risks and deliver a less stressful development process. On average, re-use satisfies an impressive 40percent of the functionality need to deliver a project!

Knowledge Transfer Methodologies

Blue Heron’s knowledge transfer methodologies engage internal utility stakeholders early in the implementation process. Blue Heron works closely with each client to advise, educate and hand off key tasks, preparing them to independently manage their system an average of 15% earlier than other system integrators. Click here for case studiesdemonstrating our knowledge transfer expertise.

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