Blue Heron's value proposition is that we can install complex enterprise software more affordably and at higher quality levels compared to traditional system integrator options available in the marketplace.

Blue Heron Consulting

Customer Information Systems

Blue Heron was founded in 1999 to provide a value based vendor option for utilities seeking to replace their aging legacy CIS systems. Since its inception, Blue Heron has devoted... more


MWM (Mobile Workforce Management)

Blue Heron has extensive knowledge regarding the implementation of MWM in the utility market. Mobile Workforce management enables real-time planning, scheduling and dispatching functionality aimed at providing optimal customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Managed Services

Today’s CIOs face an accelerating array of challenges in the provision of ongoing value to their business constituents. With the continued evolution of technologies... more


Data Migration Services

As corporations pursue their corporate goals of creating a single integrated platform for enterprise systems, many of these efforts will be undermined by expectations that efforts... more

Work and Asset Management (WAM)

Blue Heron has over two decades of implementation services in Work and Asset Management (WAM) Systems making us one of the industry’s leaders... more


Smart Grid

Whether you are in utility management or a customer, the emergence of Smart Grid technologies and initiatives will affect you in some fashion in the very near future. Some are
suggesting... more

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our expertise, methodologies, templates and accelerators have evolved from the industry's premier consultancies and are delivered with the flexibility and competitive pricing of a highly focused... more


Project Health Assessments

One of Blue Heron's most widely heralded service offerings is our Project Health Assessment Reviews. Large enterprise project failures cost companies millions of dollars... more

Training Services

Blue Heron knows that a successful system implementation is dependent upon timely training that is customized to meet your unique training needs. After all, no two system implementations are alike... more


Geographic Information Systems

Blue Heron has developed a solution for WAM customers seeking to leverage their ESRI ArcGIS Server platform. Built using Adobe Flex programming, this best of breed solution includes a highly functional map viewer integrated with the WAM application to help your workforce identify...more